Top Reads in 2010 and Most Anticipated 2011 Books

On our February Book Chat radio program (wynFM 88.9), my blogger friend Marg and I reminisced about our top reads in 2010 and our most anticipated upcoming reads. Unfortunately, due to a sever lightening storm in Werribee on the night, we were unable to capture a recording of the show and post in on our YouTube channel. This is the second time Marg has been a guest presenter on Book Chat and, coincidentally (??), the second time we encountered a lightning storm thus rendering the studio recording equipment unusable! I'm convinced that it has something to do with her electric magnetism lol.

Here's a summary of what we discussed:

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My Top 10 Reads 2010 (in no particular order, it's just too hard!)
My Most Anticipated Reads 2011
This is a little silly because I've already read them, but note them down. These are a must on your 2011 reading list:
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