Oliver's Corner: Nightmare Academy Series by Dean Lorey

Book #1: Charlie's Monsters
Book #2: Monster Revenge
Book #3: Monster Wars

I first read Charlie's Monsters, book #1 of Nightmare Academy, with my mum when I was 8 and I loved it so much I just had to read books #2 and #3 as well. It's a mythical adventure book about an academy built in the trees made out of bits of ships. No one knows who will be selected to go to the Nightmare academy.

Charlie has always had nightmares. People call him nightmare Charlie and his partens keep him at home. He is invited to his first sleep over when he is 13 and he really wants to go, so his parents reluctantly let him go. Of course, Charlie has a nightmare which brings a monster to the sleep over and it cacoons the other four kids at the sleep over party. Charlie is the only not cocooned. This event was reported in the newspaper and the whole town found out about it. The next thing he know, Charlie is introduced to a whole new world...the world of the Nether.

Charlie enters a world where nothing is the same, it is full of monsters and a crazed director who wants to strip him of his gift. Charlie's adventures continue in books 2 and 3 with his friends Theodore, Violet and Brook. Together they explore the wonders of the Nether. Will they be able to survive?

5/5 ... Nightmare Academy is an amasing series, perfect for adventure lovers.

Visit the Nether at Dean Lorey's nifty website ... if you dare.


  1. Hi Oliver,

    Just wanted to let you know I love your website and thought you did a great job explaining the NIGHTMARE ACADEMY series! Glad you like the books and keep reading!

    Take care,

    Dean Lorey

  2. Dear Dean,
    thankes for commenting on my blog and it's true your books are AMAZING you're one of my fave authors! Are you doing a fourth book though?
    P.S. may I have a singed Photo? my address is PO box 272 Warrandyte Vic 3113
    P.P.S. If you are ever over in Australia can you please come to my Mums book store.

  3. Hi Ollie,

    Your blog looks very cool, welcome to the blogsphere! Excellent book reviews Sarah and I are tempted to read the books ourselves.

    great reviews luke and sarah

  4. Oliver,
    Your review of Nightmare Academy is insightful and articulate Oliver and it will certainly encourage others to pursue this series.
    I really enjoyed reading your thoughts!
    Mr Wilson

  5. Josephine BartoloMarch 2, 2011 at 5:48 PM

    Dear Oliver,

    Loved your website looks cool, keep the good work ie. reading, u r a legend!!!

    Love always from nana Jo and nanu John XX

  6. Hi Oliver,
    Thank you for post about Nightmare Academy. One of the boys at my school is reading Charlies monsters at the moment and is really enjoying it. He has asked if we can buy the next two (we are). I will show Jack your great review.

    Mrs Stapleton :-)