Diary of an Excited Kid

On Friday, 10 September, Mum and I went to Manor Lakes College for an Andy Griffiths book signing. On the way I vomited in the bucket I had brought because I was sick. So we had to make an unplanned stop at a petrol station were we got a drink and some food for me. When we got to the event we were two hours early since it was 8:00 am & the book signing was at 10:00 am so we went to the library were Mum’s old Book Fairy, whose name was Tye, worked.  She wasn’t there but on the way back we passed her so we went back to were the book signing was going to be to start setting up. Tye got out some tables for us to put some of the Andy Griffiths books that we were going to sell to the kids so they could get them signed if they didn’t have a book. We all filed into the hall for the presentation. Firstly because Andy and another school hadn’t arrived the principal of Manor Lakes did this thing were he got some kids to come out the front and say there name and which Andy Griffiths book they like the most and why they liked it. When the other school had arrived Tye's daughter, India, got to read a couple of stories from the Very Bad Book. When Andy arrived two kids from Manor Lakes College read a story they had written to introduce him.  This is what they said:

On a very bad street
In a very bad town
Is a very bad school
With a very bad hall
And in that hall is a very bad group of kids
And amongst those kids is a very bad author
And that author is ... Andy Griffiths

When they had sat down Andy came out and started his presentation about the Very Bad Book.  First he showed us a drawing of him and Terry (Andy's Illustrator) hard at work. Then he showed us a few pictures of the other books. Then he said that the idea for Two Brown Blobs came from the time he was in the bath all alone and then suddenly he wasn’t alone anymore.  There were two brown blobs! So he tried going down to the other end of the bath but the motion of the water caused the two brown blobs to follow him so he ate them!! After that he said that one time in America some kids asked him if koalas were dangerous and Andy said "Yes, some of my friends went to cuddle some koalas at the zoo when all of a sudden the koalas took of there faces (which were masks) and my friends were left cuddling killer koalas and they ripped my friends faces off."

After the presentation we had the book signing and I got my book signed and my second photo with Andy (the first was two years ago at my mum's book store). The book signing went really well. When all the schools left I went and had a chat to Andy.

Ed – A big thank you goes to Tye, Jason and their team at Manor Lakes College who hosted such a fantastic and extremely well coorindated event. It is no mean feat to have 700+ students, parents and teachers turn up to an event and having all run so smoothly. Well done!

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