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Just started reading ... Torment by Lauren Kate
Synopsis: How many lives do you need to live before you find someone worth dying for? In the aftermath of what happened at Sword and Cross, Luce has been hidden away by her cursed angelic boyfriend, Daniel, in a new school filled with Nephilim, the offspring of fallen angels and humans. Daniel promises she will be safe here, protected from those who would kill her. At the school Luce discovers what the Shadows that have followed her all her life mean - and how to manipulate them to see into her other lives. Yet the more Luce learns about herself, the more she realizes that the past is her only key to unlocking her future ... and that Daniel hasn't told her everything. What if his version of the past isn't actually the way things happened ... what if Luce was really meant to be with someone else?

Advance Reading Copy, book due to be published 28 September, 2010

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