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Infinite Days by Rebecca Maizel
This  is the first book in the Vampire Queen series. This book is a vampire tale with a twist, not of a human becoming a vampire, but a vampire becoming human. Lenah Beaudonte is a 592 old Vampire Queen, who wishes to feel again, to once again become human. A fatal myth that will take a great sacrifice by her Sire Rhode, one he is willing to make. That leaves Lenah after 100 years of hibernation, alone. Entering a world full of technology and social expectations, that are foreign to a girl born in 1400’s, Lenah has until the 31st of October, a short few weeks, to immerse herself as a 16 year old student at Wickham Campus in the 21st century, to embrace her humanity and leave her vampire past behind, before her coven starts looking for their Queen. If found, Lenah knows her coven will end her new human life. The vampires in this story are dark and deadly, not light and airy as some other books have portrayed. Rebecca Maizel's story of Lenah takes you on an emotional journey of redemption, sacrifice, magic, myth, love, loss, friendship, laughter and pain and leaves you wanting more. I found the book jumped too fast at the beginning, from present to past but once I got pass this, the story flows more smoothly and the ending is one that I did not expect. As a vampire fan I did not think I would like this book but now, I am waiting in anticipation for Rebecca Maizel's sequel Stolen Nights.
Reviewed by Kim Darburn.  Advance Reading copy, due to be published September 2010.

Claire De Lune by Christine Johnson
This book is about werewolves. The unique thing about this novel is that you have to be born a werewolf, not bitten by one to be a werewolf.  The other unique aspect is that only females are werewolves (Go Girl Power!). The main character Claire has just turned 16, so has a pool party which everyone attends (even people she did not know), and gorgeous Matthew talks to her, flirts with her for the first time, everything is great. (Except for not getting a car that she wanted.) But then she discovers something that takes away all sense of normality: she's a werewolf. I wish I could say that I had trouble putting this book down, but in all honesty I had no trouble at all. I found the story predictable, and the characters lacking in depth. Claire’s mother was the worst of all. Maybe if you are a werewolf fan you would like this story but if you want a really good werewolf story, read Shiver instead.
Reviewed by Kim Darburn

Mercy by Rebecca Lim
This novel is the first part of a four part series about Angels. Mercy is an angel who takes over an individual’s life for a period of time, her job is to help that person’s life, anyway possible, before her time is up. Then she moves on to the next, the only catch is Mercy does not know how long she has to do her job, and her memories of past bodies are fading fast. I found the first few chapters confusing, but once past those, I was captivated to the end. It’s a great storyline and I loved how Rebecca Lim did not let on who the good and evil characters where until the last possible moment. I did not pick the ending at all, the ending suited this book well and I cannot wait to read the rest of this series, I would recommend this book to the young at heart.
Reviewed by Sarah Darburn.  Advance Reading copy, due to be published November 2010.

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