Children's Illustrator Workshops ... September School Holidays

This September school holidays we are hosting Children’s Illustrator Workshops with Australian Author/Illustrator Adam Wallace. The workshops are interactive and full of fun and have the children working as well as listening to a story from one of Adam's books. The workshops generally go for around 45-50 minutes. Question time is also included as part of the session. The emphasis in all Adam's workshops is having fun and appreciating that everyone's work will be different.

Adam says "It is really exciting to see that every student has their own special take on what they are writing or drawing, and how their personalities come out in their pictures and stories."

Come and join Adam & the team at Collins this school holidays. To register your child's interest call us on (03) 8742 2100 or drop by the store.

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  1. Adam Wallace is a qualified Civil Engineer and Primary School teacher (a more common combination than you may imagine!). Adam has worked in many and varied jobs, including stuffing envelopes, dressing up and hosting theme parties, and selling absolutely no golf club cleaners.

    Adam has 8 published books, with more on the way in the near future. The books include Better Out Than In, which is on the Premier's Reading Challenge List. Adam has won awards for one of his children's stories and a number of his poems.

    Adam's interactive workshops are filled with fun and laughter. Adam runs either writing or drawing workshops. The writing workshops help the students get their ideas onto paper, and organise them. Even the more reluctant writers find the workshop fun and easy. The drawing workshops involve learning how to draw various cartoon animals. Adam takes the students through his How to Draw books which transform, among other things, UFOs into dogs, bones into bulls, hot dogs into horses and a bum into a cat.