We Need a New Name ... Can You Help?

OK, I admit it, Between the Lines is NOT the most original name for a bookstore's blog. Over the past 2 years we have grown rapidly averaging  over 1,000 views per month with visitors from all around the world and an email distribution of more than 1,000 people. I am confident you, our readers, can help us find a new, inspiring and original name.

I look forward to your submissions. All entries will go into the draw to win an ARC of Kylie Ladd's new book Last Summer.


  1. always like the name "Marginalia" when it comes to everything bookish. it refers originally to the incredibly beautiful margin illustrations in handwritten books.

    these days, i think of it as the notes and scribbles some of us are unable to resist adding to our favourite books (after six years of highschool English it's a hard habit to break!) …

    what is even more fascinating is that every person who ever read even the same book would never have the same: notes, underlines, dog-eared pages (hmmm … "Dog-Eared Pages" is not bad either!)! xt

  2. Maybe leather bound? 'fraid that's all I got right now lol

  3. All I can think of that doesn't look like it is taken is Page Turner. Good luck! (And I quite like Between the Lines as well).