Baker Boys: Inside The Surge

Final episode on ABC1 Thursday, 30 June @ 9.30PM 
The final episode of this intimate series looks inside Baker Company, an elite group of Army soldiers who survived an extended tour in Iraq, only to return home and discover that the battle they left in Iraq has been replaced by a war within.

Filmed over three months in 2008 by veteran combat photographer Jon Steele, Baker Boys is a close-up and honest depiction of what the war looks like from the ground.

As the Baker Boys' three-month deployment unfolds, viewers get a gripping look into the everyday lives of US soldiers on the front.
The documentary features first-person, real-time storytelling as the soldiers of Baker Company negotiate new alliances with local Iraqi militias, pay off tribal sheiks for their cooperation, and deal with the fear and uncertainty of being thrust into the middle of counter-insurgency warfare, where money and trust are their most effective weapons.
This is a deep penetrating look into the lives of soldiers which exposes raw personal emotions and the honest physical experiences of combat soldiers operating in Iraq.

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