Review: Shall We Dance? by Maggie Alderson

Genre: Fiction
Format: Audio

Shall We Dance?
Loulou Landers, London's undisputed Queen of Vintage Fashion, meets a man on the eve of her dreaded forty-ninth birthday. He's kind, he's sensitive, he's divinely handsome and he carries a designer suit like George Clooney. Unfortunately, he's barely half her age, and Loulou's just not ready to 'go cougar'.

Then there is Loulou's 21-year-old daughter, Theo, who won't get a job, won't move out, wears chainstore fashion, and hasn't said a civil word to her mother for years. And she is on the verge of her own spectacularly unsuitable affair.

So how will Loulou cope with a daughter who's off the rails, a man who won't take no for an answer, an ageing process that won't slow down – not to mention a birthday party in a camping ground?
Maggie Alderson
Maggie Alderson was born in London, brought up in Staffordshire and educated at the University of St Andrews. She has worked on nine magazines, editing four of them, including British ELLE, and two newspapers. For many years she covered the international fashion shows.

She has published five bestselling novels and three collections of her columns from Good Weekend magazine. She co-edited two books of short stories in aid of the charity.
She is married, has one daughter and twelve pairs of Prada shoes.

This novel reminded me of a light hearted, entertaining, comical, American sitcom about a 49 year old woman, her gay best friend, her other best friend (an aging rocker who was secrety in love with her), her 21 year old blogging obsessed daughter, her ex and her 25 year old potential lover!! Peaked your interest? The characters were slightly off beat but at the same time predictable and stereotyped. The ending was of the 'and they all lived happily ever after variety'. Sometimes though, this type of book just really hits the spot.

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