Moshling Collector's Guide

Great news for Moshi fans everywhere! Moshi Monster membership cards have now hit Australia and are currently available at EB Games and Game Spot! Moshi Monsters membership time cards are a great way to pay for your Moshi membership and make a fantastic gift! A Moshi Monsters membership time card gives you access to all the usual membership only features and is a fun and simple way to become a Moshi member without buying anything online. Currently over 2 million Aussie children are active members ranking third behind the US and the UK.

Now in store, This Moshling Collector's Guide introduces all the cute little Moshlings roaming wild in the world of MoshiMonsters, with hints and tips on planting the right seeds to attract them, and how to keep them entertained once you've adopted them! With notes and diary extracts from Monstro-City's top Moshling Collector, plus an exclusive extra Moshling available only with this Guide!

The following three titles set for release in January: Monstar Rooms Handbook: Moshi Monsters, My Moshi Monsters Joke Book & Fangtastic Activity Book With Stickers

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