Guest Reviewer: Kim Darburn ... Meredith Gentry Series

I should start by saying that before I read this series I had read all of Laurell K Hamilton’s Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Series, so I was acquainted with her work already, but I had been told that if you like Anita Blake you would not like Merry Gentry, but I found quite the opposite. I found the Merry Gentry series slow to start, but once it got rolling I quickly became addicted. This series is advertised as Erotica Fantasy, but I found that the sex was not over the top.  This is my favourite fairy series, it does not matter how many times I have read this series, I still laugh and cry in the same places even though I know the outcome. So if you are sick of all the Vampire tales, but are still looking for something in the paranormal realm give this series a go.

A Kiss of Shadow
Merry Gentry is posing as P.I. in Los Angeles working at Grey Detective Agency in supernatural problems and magical solutions, running for the last three years from her Aunt Andais the Queen of the Air and Darkness. Meredith is really a Faerie Princess, Princess Meredith NicEssus, the first faerie born on American soil, but she is a mixed-blood ... human with some fey blood and Brownie thrown in. Due to the nature of one of her cases she has been outed and the Queen has called her home. Given no choice, she returns to find the Queen who wishes to make her co-heir. Ultimately, Meredith must fulfil the queen's designs for the future of her court, even if it means having to bed the most beautiful studs in the universe the royal Sidhe, The Ravens guards.

A Caress of Twilight
Princess Meredith is heir to a throne, if she can stay alive long enough to claim it, with assassination attempts from her cousin Prince Cel, son of Queen of Air and Darkness and other members of the Faerie Court. Once again we find Merry back in Los Angeles working as a P.I. along with her Guards and lovers the Royal Warrior Ravens. In one of Merry’s new cases people are dying in mysterious, frightening ways, and the existence of Faerie is at grave risk, so she must fend off assassination attempts, ancient evil that could destroy the very fabric of reality at Faerie Court and conceive a baby to get the Faerie Crown. Just another day for Merry.

Seduced By Moonlight
Merry is preparing to return to the faerie courts on her sadistic Aunt Andais’s command, and once again, unknown assassins seek her life. Meredith’s magical powers are becoming potent and uncontrollable and the gods have their own plans for Merry. With no concern on how this will effect Merry’s plan of becoming pregnant and now her aunt must also face assassination attempts because the Unseelie court refuses to let Meredith take the throne, which brings the Aunt and Niece together for a short time, but will this last?

A Stroke of Midnight
Merry is still in the Unseelie Sithen, holding a press conference, when disaster strikes yet again, this time a reporter and a Demi Fey has been murdered. Will Merry be able to solve this murder with the help of the human police, when her father’s murder has never been solved? Even murder does not halt the God’s from working their magic, the Sithen is coming alive again and granting every wish that Merry has, only problem is not all are actual wishes. Now Merry must also watch what and how she says things, for magic is not always good.

Mistral’s Kiss
This book picks up where Seduced by Moonlight ended, and once again the gods are interfering in Merry’s life, her Aunt is back to her Sadistic self, and Merry is still trying to get pregnant, all while trying to make alliances to protect herself. The Sithen is coming alive again and the Sidhe are regaining their magical powers. Magical items are also returning which only makes the Queen of Air and Darkness even more sadistic towards Meredith and once again Merry has to protect those around her. Her Uncle the King of Light and Illusion is also up to something.

A Lick of Frost
The King of Light and Illusion, Taranis, has accused three of Meredith’s guards of rape, but this is just a decoy to get Meredith to the Seelie court. The goblins have sent Merry the Red Caps, Holly and Ash to bring into their Sidhe powers and Merry is at last Pregnant. But with this news comes great sorrow as Merry loses one of her guards, the price for a new Sithen born in Los Angeles, which finds Meredith Kidnapped, raped and in the enemies camp. Will Meredith survive this latest dilemma?

Swallowing Darkness
Meredith has been rescued, but once again she has to face assassination attempts, this time in the face of her grandmother a brownie, which leads Meredith to leading the Wild Hunt and once again she is back in the Unseelie and Seelie mounds. Merry enlists the human army to escort her back to Los Angeles and Merry is crowned by the Sithen and must make the decisions of a lifetime, to keep her crown and save all her people or save a loved one.

Divine Misdemeanors
Merry has turned her back on court and crown, and is exiled in Los Angeles once again, this time with her guards and lovers, but while she may have abandon the monarchy, Merry can not quite abandon her people the fey. Someone is killing them, and the fey are not easily killed, so Merry must go up against the Fairy Godmother Gilda the rival for fey Loyalties in Los Angeles. All the while the Human Soldiers, that Merry saved, are exhibiting supernatural healing powers and the ability to call Meredith from across the world.

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