Oliver's Corner ... Skulduggery Pleasant: Mortal Coil

I interviewed Oliver, my 9 year old son, about his thoughts on the newest Skulduggery book.

1. Who are the new characters in Mortal Coil?
Tesseract, an assassin paid to kill former enemy Davina Marr;  Madame Mist, child of the spider like the Torment Erskine Rave (he fought in a special unit in the magic war along side Skulduggery Pleasant and Ghastly Bespoke); Nye, part dead part Monster Creature; Doctor Corrival, leader of Skulduggery Pleasant’s magic war unit; Phil Random, person who uses his Mojo type magic to convince people that they didn’t see magic; Geoffrey Scrutinous; Dalrymple, master swordsman

There are many more but I'll let you discover those!

2. Briefly tell us what Mortal Coil is about.
Valkryie Cain has discovered she is Darquesse, the evil sorceress who is going to kill the world. So she sets out to seal her true name, but doing that will be tricky because first she has to die! [Ed - Queue dramatic music] DUN DUN DUN!

3. Was it what you expected ?
It wasn’t like I expected because I thought that Valkrie Cain was going to end up dead.

4. Do you think there will be another book in the series?
Yes, I do because the ending in this book sounds like it should continue.

5. What do you give Mortal Coil out of 5 and why?
I give Mortal Coil 5 because it is full of twists and turns.

6. Would you like to see a movie made out of these books or do you think they may be a bit disappointing?
I would like to see a movie made out of these books except it may be rated M15+ because it does have a fair bit of fighting in it.

7. Who is your favourite character and why?
SKULDUGGERY PLEASANT of course.  One of my favourite bits of the book is a conversation between Skulduggery Pleasant and Valkrie Cain.  Valkrie says to Skulduggery when he wouldn’t move “You're not moving” and he said “We’re hurtling through space at 390 kilometres per second Valkrie, I hardly call that not moving” and she says “Yes, but your not moving to the car."

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  1. That book rules! Well, all Skullduggery Pleasant books rules.