Don't Miss Fiona McIntosh on Talking Heads

Peter Thompson's will be speaking to Fiona McIntosh on Talking Heads on Monday, 30 August.  Fiona McIntosh is an author who has become something of a superstar in the fantasy fiction world. McIntosh only started writing a decade ago. She was 39 years old and having a mid-life crisis, when one day at the dentist she noticed an ad for a summer writing course in Hobart. Leaving her husband and twin boys at home, McIntosh headed to the Apple Isle, armed with a loose idea for a fantasy book. By the time she was 40, she had written Betrayal, the first book of a fantasy trilogy, and had a publisher's contract. Since then there've been more than a dozen adult novels and five children's books, many of them bestsellers internationally. Her most recent book Fields of Gold reveals something of the extraordinary lives of McIntosh's two grandfathers ... both great adventurers and both the keepers of intriguing secrets.  Talking Heads airs on ABC1 every Monday @ 6:30pm.

Editor's Note: I always knew life begins at 40 ... Oops, starting to show my age lol!

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