Sweet Poison

Sugar makes you fat ... this is the message from author David Gillespie in his book Sweet Poison and now David is back with a quit plan to help you kick the sugar cravings and get on track to a healthier lifestyle.

The Sweet Poison Quit Plan Synopsis
Sugar makes you fat. It is converted directly to fat by your liver and it destroys your appetite control so that you want to eat more of everything. The more sugar you eat, the fatter you will be. If you stop eating sugar, you will stop gaining weight. Even better, you will start to lose weight dramatically. You will still eat as much as you want of anything you want as long as it doesn't contain sugar. And you won't feel deprived in any way. In fact, you won't feel like you're dieting at all - because you aren't.

David lost 40 kg by simply eliminating sugar from his life. Seven years later, the weight is still gone. David didn't do that with a diet, all he did was eliminate the substance that was making him fat and sick - sugar. There's just one little catch (you knew there had to be one, didn't you?). Sugar is as addictive as nicotine, so breaking its grip requires some techniques.

Sweet Poison sets out a five-step plan for breaking your sugar addiction. None of it is painful or difficult. As long as you follow the rules, before you know it you will have broken your addiction and be on your way to a permanently slimmer and healthier you.

1. Have the right attitude.
If you treat this as an exercise in deprivation, you will never succeed. You are ridding yourself of a dangerous toxin and this step shows you how to perform the attitude adjustment you will need to get through the remaining steps.

2. Eliminate habits associated with eating sugar.
Believe it or not, it is possible to enjoy a movie without a litre of soft drink for company. This step shows you how to document your sugar habits and create strategies for keeping the habit, if you need to, but getting rid of the sugar.

3. Eliminate sugar from your food supply.
You'll never break an addiction if your fridge and cupboards are full of the addictive substance. This step shows you what to throw out and what to replace it with.

4. Withdraw from sugar.
Intentionally and purposefully eat the last mouthful of sugar you will ever touch in your life. This step tells you what to expect when you withdraw from sugar and the strategies you can adopt for getting through it.

5. Re-stock and get ready for the rest of your life.

Sweet Poison is available in store now.

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