Minuscule ... Private Life of Insects

Go on a journey into the secret and magical world of insects. The bright and
colourful characters will delight you as they go about their eccentric adventures. Mixing 3D animated characters with stunning real life locations, Minuscule is a series that children & adults will enjoy again and again.

This entertaining animated series is sure to capture your imagination as it follows the day-to-day life of a range of charming and adorable insects. In each 3 to 5 minute episode, the insects interact with each other in ways that mimic comical human behaviour.

You will be captivated as ants build a plane out of newspaper, a ladybug starts a water fight with a group of dragonfly’s, and a snail dreams of being the
fastest insect of all.

The audio is a combination of genuine insect and ambient recordings, with added synthesized buzzing generated from sound effects such as cars, helicopters, and aircraft engines. In each episode ‘insect-like’ words and sound effects replace normal dialogue.

Minuscule is currently on the ABC.

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