Dance Academy

Dance Academy is high energy teen drama that follows six teenagers attending the National Academy of Dance. They’re young, beautiful and have one year to prove their worth.

Seen through the eyes of Tara Webster (Xenia Goodwin) who leaves her home on the farm to be tested not only on her abilities to dance, but to love, build friendships, celebrate triumphs and endure disappointments.

When Tara enters the academy she meets an eclectic group of dancers she will spend the rest of the year with. There is carefree Kat Karamakov (Alicia Banit), Kat’s brother Ethan (Tim Pocock) the golden boy of the Academy, Abigail Armstrong (Dena Kaplan) the best dancer in Tara’s year, Sammy Liberman (Tom Green) the Jewish boy with more girls as friends then boys, and Christian Reed (Jordan Rodrigues) an adrenalin junkie who likes skateboards more than ballet.

The best in the academy will one day join the National Ballet Company. The stakes are high and none of the teens can forget that at the end of the year not everyone makes the cut. Who will star in the end of year performance at the Sydney Opera House? And who will be told to not to come back next year?

Dance Academy will screen weekdays on ABC1 from Monday May 31 at 5.20pm

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