Beneath Hill 60 ... Now Showing

By 1916 the Great War in Europe has reached a stalemate. The two massive armies have fought themselves to a standstill. Millions of lives have already been lost. Mining engineer Oliver Woodward returns to Australia from Papua to join a secret Australian Tunnelling Company. Ordinary miners from all over the country are given just two weeks military training before being sent the Western Front. Their task is to undermine the German Lines.

Disaster looms as the Germans discover the Australian’s underground activity and begin sinking a shaft towards the Hill 60 mine. The whole allied strategy is now in jeopardy. While the bloody battle rages in the muddy fieelds of Flanders, a deadly cat-and-mouse game is played out thirty metres below between the German and Australian tunnellers.

Woodward learns that being a leader in this dreadful war is not just about commanding and protecting his men, it’s also about being prepared to sacrifice them. And as zero hour approaches, he must make a terrible decision.

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