Meals Men Love

The book like no other ... IT’S OFFICIAL … The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

•Over 150 man-loving recipes
•Quick, Easy and Affordable EVERYDAY Meals
•Meals he will ask for again, and again
•How to Catch a Man in 3 Courses

Stop wasting time and money in the kitchen. Finally a cookbook that shortcuts the way to finding Meals Men Love.  The way to a man’s heart really is through his stomach according to the cookbook's author Lana Vidler.

First-time author Lana Vidler doesn't claim to be a trained master chef, but she does know a thing or two about cooking up culinary delights that men of all ages love to eat time and time again.  Lana's new cookbook, Meals Men Love, is her tried and tested selection of quick, easy and affordable everyday meals she knows men will relish. Aimed at women in their teens to middle age and beyond, the idea for this book was conceived with one aim in mind – to feed men.

‘Land a Man Lasagne’, ‘Potatoes, Shaken Not Stirred’ and ‘Nana Was Married for 69 years – Because of these Cookies’ are just some of the dishes in this simple-to-make and playfully named collection that caters for breakfast, lunch, dinner, sweet treats, sides and snacks. The book has a box on each page to allow the cook to keep track of her chosen man’s favourite recipes.

Many of the 160-odd recipes in Meals Men Love have been accumulated over Lana's dating life. She would add recipes from men she met, friends and family to a dedicated recipe folder. In January she began cooking each one and slowly bore the idea to publish a cookbook with the most popular recipes. Lana's late grandfather, who died in May, loved the idea too and gave her a large number of the recipes that feature in the book.

With the mantra “food is like sex: it can’t keep a man, but it sure helps”, Lana has set about sharing her passion for good food that will take minimum effort while reaping maximum reward. All the ingredients used in her dishes are available from your local supermarket, making preparation time workable for ladies with busy lives.
Each recipe has been tested and received ten out of ten scores from men of all shapes and sizes: a factory manager, published author, engineer, neurosurgeon, IT specialist, two top 100 entrepreneurs, a sailor, a pilot, an electrician, a banker, a tree-lopper, a freight agent, a paediatric surgeon (and video gaming genius), a plumber, a builder, several students, an air force man and a ski instructor make up the group of lucky guinea pigs.

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