Kevin McCloud's Grand Tour of Europe ... Pre-order Your Copy

The Grand Tour was undertaken by young British aristocrats, artists and architects. The tradition began in the 16th century and gained popularity in the 17th century. The Grand Tourists would spend two to four years travelling around Europe, broadening their horizons, learning about language, architecture, geography and culture.

This four-part series sees the ever-popular Kevin McCloud (Grand Designs) following in the footsteps of the most notorious aristocrats, artists and architects of the Grand Tour. Clambering in, on and amongst the greatest buildings, ruins and cities in Europe, Kevin uncovers the dark underbelly of the Tour in the shady alleys and drinking dens along its route, and explores the Tours lasting legacy.

Kevin charts how each age pursued both the sacred and the profane in their travels abroad. Starting with the earliest 17th century travellers in northern Italy, charting the high point of the Tour in the 18th century in Florence and Rome then working his way through Naples and ancient Greece, Kevin's journey ends with the last Grand Tourists of the early 19th century in the Alps.

Climbing up buildings in harnesses, snaking through mountain passes and recreating the meals they took en route, and taking along his own sketchbook in which to draw the sites, Kevin travels as they travelled and revels in the sights, sounds, tastes and smells that changed the way Britain lived.  In-Store March.

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