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The Great Wall of China is one of the most instantly recognisable structures on earth; a symbol of the achievements not just of a nation, but of all humanity. Built with the blood and sweat of millions of its citizens, this is the human story behind the greatest construction project of all time – a structure 3,000 miles long, which used 100 million tons of earth and 15 billion bricks.  

It was created by one man, the great General Qi, inspired to protect his nation after the Mongols had invaded and reached the Forbidden City. This compelling film, featuring a cast of thousands and stunning CGI, dramatises events surrounding the construction of the wall through the eyes of the General, a construction worker and one of the powerbrokers involved in the politics of the Great Wall.

In this definitive guide to The Great Wall, new archaeological findings are revealed, expert testimony is given by US and UK academics David Spindler and Robin Yates alongside Wang Tao, a professor of Chinese Studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London. Available in-store now & exclusive to ABC.

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