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I take pride and pleasure in introducing my son Oliver to this blog.  Oliver is 9 and has devoured books from an early age.  He loves getting his teeth into any book about poo, bottoms, underpants, slime and smelly feet ... to put it mildly, anything remotely disgusting, crazy or stupid.  It is no wonder that Andy Griffiths is amongst his favourite authors.

Oliver will read books he enjoys many times over, each time capturing and memorising more and more of the detail and dialogue so as to be able to repeat his favourite sections verbatim (and drive his mother and father bananas!!).  Although I must admit, his enthusiasm and expression in delivering his favourite parts of the books does make me laugh (at least the first or second time around).  I truly love the genuine pleasure and excitement he extracts from a book and in a world saturated by electronic media, it gives me so much joy that my son can still enjoy the simple things in life. I hope you enjoy his reviews and opinions and I am sure he would welcome your comments and feedback.

When he grows up, Oliver's ambition is to be an Author ... and a Zoo Keeper!!

Now reading ... The Snottle by Michael Lawrence
Synopsis: When the new girl in Jiggy's class sneezes her nose explodes.  Runny nose stuff everywhere.  If you look in the runny nose stuff you can see the future.  Pity the future is always bad.  But the little round creature from the dump doesn't care.  Future Snot is his favourite meal.  He just laps it up!  One for all and all for ... lunch???

Just finished reading ... Neville the Devil and The Killer Underpants by Michael Lawrence
Neville the Devil Synopsis: When Jiggy, Pete and Angie go on the wrong holiday, Jiggy has a feeling that something bad is about to happen.  How right he is.  An old enemy is pulling their strings, making them dance to his tune.  Devilish deeds abound in this Jiggy McCue novel.

The Killer Underpants Synopsis: The underpants from hell - that's what Jiggy calls them, and not just because they look so gross.  No, these pants are evil.  And they're in control.  Of him.  Of his life!  Can Jiggy get to the bottom of his problem before it's too late?

Oliver's Review: I found these books on my cousin's (Harrison, who we actually call Harold) bookshelf the other day when he was moving house.  They looked really funny and they're actually hilarious. 

There are so many funny characters in these books: round creatures from garbage dumps that eat Future Snot.  What's Future Snot? Well it's snot you can see the future in of course!  There's a mean genie, a killer toilet and a dead goose.   There's even a doll that comes to life when he is struck by lightning - Neville the Devil.  His motto is "Mischief is my business".

Pete is the most disgusting character.  Pete has smelly feet.  In Pete's feet you can find bits of squashed spiders, mould and fungus growing between his toes - Gross.

I think Jiggy is the best character.  He has so much bad luck the poor guy, but that's why he's so funny.

Check out the Jiggy McCue website, it's fantastic, just click on the title of this article to go there.

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