Why Read Classic Works of Literature?

There are a myriad of reasons, just one of which is to catch the numerous references that appear in movies, television, politics, and throughout pop culture. In the above video, you can see a trailer for a short film produced by Pengiun showing what happens to a hapless young suitor who hasn't read the Essential Classics!!!

Penguin has compiled a list of the top ten essential classics every person should read. Each of these ten great works—ranging from poetry to plays to novels and non-fiction—has lasted and enlightened audiences throughout the ages, and they all still have something relevant to say to readers.

The Ten Essential Penguin Classics are: 1. Of Mice & Men 2. Jane Eyre 3. Pride & Prejudice 4. The Odyssey, 5. Hamlet, 6. Moby Dick, 7. Metamorphosis & Other Stories, 8. The Three Theban Plays, 9. Walden & Civil Disobedience, 10. Inferno.

Tell us about your favourite classic?

Source: Penguin.com(usa)

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