John Safran Gets Busy with Cross-Cultural Love

Pasty bespectacled comic John Safran is coming back to ABC TV with an eight-part comedy-documentary, and it's his most daring and personal adventure yet. It's about cross-cultural, interracial and interfaith love.

Torn between his Jewish upbringing and his inclination to hit on Eurasians, Safran comes up with some of the craziest television ever. Safran's insane globetrotting takes him to Israel, Palestine, Togo, Japan, The Philippines, Thailand, The UK, The Netherlands and the United States. He turns black and goes undercover in Chicago, talks to his dead mother, becomes a ladyboy and an Elephant Man, all in an attempt to make sense of cross-cultural love.

Safran might be figuratively crucified for this series - but seeing he is literally crucified in the climax, he's not too worried. You see, John Safran just needs to know: when it comes to love, should you stick with your tribe or escape your tribe?

Check out the hilarious promotional trailer, click on the link above.


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