Cook and the Chef Series 2 Box Set With Bonus Recipe Book

In The Cook and the Chef Series Two, Maggie Beer and Executive Chef Simon Bryant visit food producers all around Australia whose crops are ready for the table and then take the produce back to Maggie’s kitchen. Here Maggie and Simon transform the fresh ingredients into dishes that everyone can cook, along the way providing helpful tips on how food is best bought and prepared.

It’s a whole new way of looking at fresh ingredients. Two perspectives, sometimes worlds apart, but always delicious. He might be the “chef’s chef” and she might insist on calling herself “just a cook”, but together they create a world of food that might just change the way you eat.

Includes all four volumes from series two – Spring Delights, Summer Ideas, Autumn Treats, Winter Comfort – as well as a highly convenient self-standing recipe book featuring Maggie and Simon’s favourite recipes from series two.

Due in-store early November.

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