Specky Magee and the Battle of the Young Guns is coming Wednesday 23 September 2009

Mark your calendars – Specky Magee and the Battle of the Young Guns, by Garry Lyon and Felice Arena will be in store from Wednesday 23 September 2009. It's the ultimate battle of the young guns! As Specky battles it out in the state carnival for a chance to play on the hallowed MCG turf, back at school he has a fight on his hands just to be allowed to play with his beloved Booyong Lions. And when his long-lost grandpa comes to visit, it's an all-out war at home as well... This September Specky's loyalty to his friends, his team and to AFL will be tested like never before.

Check out the new TV commercial at the Specky Magee website, just click on the link.

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